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December 12, 2011
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A.N - The names for Denmark (Andersen) Iceland (Emil) and Norway (Lukas) aren't official. And I honestly have no idea if they prey like Christains in Sweden or not... Just a silly British fangirl doing her bit for the Reader Insert world~ XD


Sweden X Reader – Christmas Wish</u>


You knocked on the door of Berwald's house. It was snowing heavily and you trembled from head to toe while waiting for your friend to open the door. Your hands shook while trying to keep a firm hold on his Christmas present. To tell the honest truth, you had liked Berwald for a long time and you were overjoyed when he had called you asking if you would like to spend Christmas day at his house. Your cheeks acquired a pink tinge as you imagined how the two of you would spend the day together, curled up on the sofa together watching Christmas movies, making Christmas dinner together, who knows, you might even catch him under the Mistletoe if you were lucky enough. The door finally swung open, and to your disappointment, it was Tino who greeted you. All thoughts of spending Christmas alone with Berwald shattered, and heart dropped but you kept on smiling, not wanting the Nordic man to realise that you were upset.

"______! Merry Christmas!!" He said, beaming as he welcomed you into the warm hallway.

"Hi Tino, Merry Christmas." You replied, peeling off your coat and shoes.

You took a deep breath, and smelled the wonderful aroma of a cooking Turkey. This at least made you smile. Tino led you into the dining room, where three other people sat… And one Puffin. Emil, Lukas and Andersen all looked up as you entered the room. A devious smile was plastered across Andersen's face, as ever, while Lukas and Emil simply stared at the floor, avoiding each other's gaze. Berwald was nowhere to be seen.

"______! Hey!" Andersen practically shouted at you. "Come and sit over here!!"

You pushed Berwald's present under his illustrious tree, smirked, walked over to the table then sat in the seat opposite to the one Andersen was gesturing towards and instead sat next to him. Sometimes you enjoyed nothing more than doing the opposite thing than what Andersen said, his reaction was, most of the time, priceless. But today he merely sighed and said 'fine' without giving it a second thought.

Berwald walked into the room.

Both of his hands were occupied with trays of beautifully arranged food which smelt absolutely divine, and his glasses were so far down his nose they threatened to fall off… His hair perfectly matched his stressed out face, and he was wearing a light pink apron reading 'Kiss the Cook x'.

'Gladly...' You thought to yourself.

"______, I didn't realise you'd come in." He said. His cheeks were slightly red as he placed all of the food carefully on the table and sat down in the seat next to you, pulling off his apron. "Sorry I couldn't welcome you in, Merry Christmas."

"Oh! Don't worry about that! Tino let me in." You replied, smiling apologetically. "Merry Chri--"

"Hey!! Berwald!" Andersen cut in. "Swap seats with me! I want to talk to Emil!"

If looks could kill...

Berwald glared at Andersen, slowly darkening in colour until his face was a grand shade of red. But eventually he reluctantly stood up and walked over to swap seats, muttering something under his breath as he did so.

'Huh?' You pondered to yourself. 'Did I do something to make him mad?'

As Berwald sat down next to you, Tino jumped up out of his chair and threw his hands into the air.

"Before we eat..." He started, shooting a look at Lukas, who had already stretched his hand out to grab a piece of Turkey. "I think we should say a prayer."
Everyone nodded in agreement, clapped their hands together and bowed their heads while Tino started to mutter a prayer. Out of the corner of your eye, you couldn't help but notice that Berwald seemed to be shaking quite a bit...

"Okay!! Now everyone make a Christmas Wish!! If we all wish together, then they're sure to come true!!

After Tino had finished wishing, you asked Berwald if he was okay.

"Of course... Why wouldn't I be...?" He replied, refusing to meet your gaze.

But you could more than tell that something was up.

You two had been friends for as long as you remember, it was more than a physical bond that the two of you shared, it was deeply emotional as well. You told each other everything, which meant that it wasn't a matter of what was wrong. It was a matter of what he was trying to hide...

                           ★    ★    ★    ★    ★    ★

After dinner, Andersen, Lukas, Emil and his Puffin all cleared off into the living room, muttering something about 'Making his Christmas Wish come true...' Or something to that effect anyway. That left Berwald to do all of the washing up... Alone. There was no way he could clean up all of the mess you and the others made in any less than an hour! So you decided to help out.

You skipped into the kitchen, and immediately noticed Berwald leaning over something...
"Hey, need any help with that?" You said, leaning over to try and see what it was.
Upon hearing your voice, Berwald jumped, then straightened up and turned to face you. He'd got a smear of Icing on his left cheek.

"No thank you." He said, frowning at you. "I can handle it."

"Are you sure...?" You asked, admittedly a little offended at the hostility you had been recieving from the Swedish man on a day like today. It was Christmas for god's sake!!

"Yes." He said, walking forward and trying to push you out the room.

"Hold on then." You said, and wiped the icing off his cheek with the back of your hand. "There, better?"

But Berwald didn't reply... Instead his face was blushing an amazing Christmas red.

"______..." He looked at you, as if he wanted to tell you something, then turned his back to you and walked back to the 'mystery object' he seemed to be fussing over so badly.

You pouted your lip slightly, then walked out of the room, trying to hide your crushed emotions...

The moment you stepped into the living room, you were grabbed by Emil and Lukas, who dragged you into the center of the room. Andersen stood in front of you, grinning like a cheshire cat.

"What are you doi--" But he cut you off by putting a finger to your lips.

"Hey!!" A shout came from the kitchen. Then Berwald was dragged into the room and forced to stand in front of you. Tino sat in the corner looking awkwardly at the floor. Berwald tried to walk off, but Andersen blocked his way, a mischievous light playing in his eyes.

"Not so fast..." He said, in a teasing tone of voice.

"Just let me go!" Berwald shouted, it was as if he couldn't stand to be anywhere near you...

'What did I do wrong...?' Played through your head as you tried to remember if you had done anything to offend him recently.

"B-Berwald...?" You said quietly.

He ignored you, still trying to get back into the kitchen.

"Berwald!" You yelled, finally getting his attention... Yet he still wouldn't look at you.

"Yes?" He said.

"Have I done something to make you mad?" You started. "Because if I have, I'm sorry! I never mean to make you angry or upset..."

"You haven't done anything wrong ______."

"Then why won't you look at me?! Why have you been acting so... Strange towards me lately?"


The awkward moment was crushed by Andersen, who stepped forward and pointed to the ceiling. Two pairs of eyes followed his finger, until you found yourself looking up at the grandest arrangement of Mistletoe you had ever seen... You looked back down at Berwald, and to your surprise, he was staring straight into your eyes, with a sad, longing look in his own.

You felt your cheeks flush an impressive shade of red.

"I wasn't ignoring you becuase you'd upset me, or angered me." Berwald said, still staring at you.

"Jag älskar dig..."

"Um... What does that mean?" You asked, eyes brimming with hope.

Berwald opened his mouth to say something, but then decided against it and shut it again. Instead, he stepped forward so that his face was millimeters away from yours...

His lips crashed into yours. At first you were surprised, unsure how to react, but you soon eased into it. A kiss from him was like more than you had ever dreamed. It shattered all expectations. Your hand lifted up and dragged itself through Berwalds hair, while he snaked his hand around your waist, holding you close, like he never wanted to let go...
You broke apart to the cheers of your friends. Berwald was smiling at you, that smile that had lit up your heart thousand of times, and now... Now it was all yours. He took your hand in his, and dragged you into the kitchen to show you what he had been slaving so diligently over. It was a Christmas Cake, with your name and the words,

'You're my Christmas Wish'

Written on with icing. You felt tears begin to well up in your eyes, and hugged onto Berwald, burying your head into his chest. He ruffled your hair with his hand, and smiled down at you. You grinned widely and looked back up at him.

"You were my Christmas wish too..."
Taa daa~ As promised :3

Hetalia belongs to: :iconhimaruyaplz:
You belong to: Mother Russia, da? :iconivannotamusedplz:
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